Nail It With Sugarcoated Magic: Beauty and Confidence

If you are a nail enthusiast, you will enjoy this online space where we discuss beauty and more. We believe that beauty is a spirit of self-acceptance, confidence, and self-love. 


There are so many ways to embrace it. To quote my friend Bevelyn, 

“When you promote confidence, you automatically empower yourself. That empowerment is what I know as beauty.”

At Sugarcoated Magic, we will give you some amazing insight into how to get creative when adorning your fingernails. 


Well, let’s face it. We all love to have pretty nails. If we go to a party with chipped nails, it just feels wrong. Nails communicate how you treat a unique part of yourself.


Let me reveal one of my favorite beauty elements. It is a secret that the beauty industry endorses with ease. I personally like to wear them simply because they give me confidence,- a certain boldness when I walk into a meeting and do a quick handshake. Maybe a last minute night on the town, or a quick party you want to show out at. 


 I am talking about press-on nails. 

What are Press-on Nails?


You might understand press-on nails as artificial nails that can be pressed or glued to the surface of your natural nails. When you do not have time to go for a full-fledged manicure, you can choose to wear press-on nails and get ready for any big evening.


No, that is not to say that press-on nails can replace manicures. That is such a mundane thought because the comfort and relaxation that manicures bring are unique and incomparable. However, when it comes to the “need-factor,” you can manipulate your mind to believe you just had a manicure and go with these super-cool and trendy press-on nails. Honestly, I like to wear press-on nails even on manicured fingernails for five simple reasons:

  • Believe it or not, they are so affordable that you want to buy all of them.
  • They are available in myriad shades that play wildly with primary color to bring unique shades out.
  • I find the job of applying press-on nails a child’s play.
  • They do not let your nails go dry. You can apply these and still keep your nails as healthy as before.
  • Lastly, the best of all, you can switch them up for different outfits, if going out of town or out for the weekends. 


If you are ready to go wild with press-on nails, here is a simple process to follow on how to apply press-on nails while keeping the procedure clean and straightforward.

5 Tips for Extraordinary Press-on Nails


  • Pick the right size to go with the size of each fingernail. Heads up because one wrong size can make you curse yourself later. The right nail on the right finger is your thumb rule.
  • Go for a quick filing of the nails to bring them to the appropriate size and shape. You can choose the desired length.
  • Give your nails a deep cleaning and apply a layer of nail shiner or polish to save it from the effect of the glue.
  • Apply the glue on your nails slowly and in the most refined manner possible. Try to be conscious of the angle in which you put the glue.
  • Finally, press the artificial nails against your nails, and within a few minutes, you are all set for a bold handshake. 

Additional Tips:

  • Use quality and branded remover (acetone-medium) for taking off press-ons using poly-gel.  If you have used the complementary adhesive, you can go for the simpler process of removing it via oil.
  • Remember that you can reuse your press-on nails. I can hear the nail enthusiasts cheering in the background as I write this point. Try to ensure that you keep them safe without losing one from the many.
  • It is your piece of art. It totally depends on what size and shape you pick. Do not compromise on your likeliness only to conform to the idea of getting long-nails. If you like the color and want to keep the nails short, keep them short.

Wrapping Up

Now you, too, can have the beautiful embellishments that keep you ready, despite time constraints. The world is your oyster. Your beauty and confidence are prepared to make a mark here. 


While you enjoy the shimmering light of elegance and confidence, remember that we are all set to have you back for more discussions on nail beauty and more.